Video Conferences

At Almquist Law, we strive to provide the highest quality legal services at a reasonable cost to clients. For that reason, we have adopted technologies that facilitate communication and delivery of services in the most efficient way possible.

We prefer telephonic conferences over physical meetings. When "face-to-face" meetings are desirable, we are proponents of video conferences. Therefore, we have implemented a system which permits clients and others to schedule video conferences. (Why we've implemented video conferencing).

Use the buttons below to schedule a video conference with Robert Almquist. Choose the length of time that you expect the session to last. (You are not limited to the time selected; however, it assists with scheduling. The calendar will display only those time slots available for the length of the conference you request). Once you click one of the buttons, you will be directed to a page showing available time slots. Choose a convenient, available time slot, input your email address, name, and briefly describe the purpose of the conference*. Click on "Book", and you will then receive an email with further instructions. 

In order to participate in a video conference, you will need a computer with one of these supported browsers (click on the icon to download the latest version):

Google Chrome (Any version)

Mozilla Firefox (Any version)

Internet Explorer (Version IE10+)

Safari (Version 11+)

To use a phone or tablet, install the mobile application "Videochatby24sessions", which is available for free at the App store and Google Play store.

Support and troubleshooting for microphone, sound, access code, and webcam issues can be found here.

* In addition to the procedures set forth in our Privacy Policy, we routinely manually anonymize video conference information (name, email, and subject matter input by the user). In any event, this information is automatically anonymized by the system every 12 months.