Almquist Law is a trade name registered with the Arizona Secretary of State by Robert Almquist PLLC, an Arizona professional limited liability company. The managing member of Robert Almquist PLLC is Robert Almquist, a member of the State Bar of Arizona (Bar Number 009401).

Subsequent to obtaining a business degree (B.Admin) (economics and finance) from the University of Regina, Robert Almquist received law degrees from the University of Saskatchewan (LL.B/JD) in Canada, and the University of Detroit (JD) in Michigan. 

Mr. Almquist was admitted to practice law by the Law Society of Saskatchewan in 1981, and by the State Bar of Arizona in 1984.

Robert obtained valuable experience in virtually all areas of the law while employed as an associate with Hill, McLellan, Ball, Cundall & Bridges, in Estevan, Saskatchewan, and subsequently, with his own practice, in Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

In 1985, Mr. Almquist was recruited by Murphy & Posner, in Phoenix, Arizona, and spent the next several years gaining extensive experience in commercial real estate litigation.

Robert launched his own firm in 1991, and since then, he has been the senior partner/shareholder in various iterations of small limited focus law firms, including Almquist & Company, Almquist/Benjamin, and Almquist & Gilbert, always emphasizing business law, real estate, and related litigation.

Robert Almquist PLLC was formed in 2016 as a boutique solo law practice focused on business law and real estate.